28 May 2011

My time at the coast with Michele Webber

Where I live, there are several coastal towns - typically British with an abundance of arcades, chippys and a couple with piers. Although we never really get the weather for a bit of beach action the coastal areas are beautiful, all in their own ways. Many of our northern beaches are actually book-ended by industry and are not as picturesque as your stereotypical seaside resort, but nevertheless they have their own individual charm.
I have only two pieces of art ready to go into my new home and I realised today that they're both seaside related and I haven't chosen them to be like that on purpose. One of them is this beauty:

Michele Webber is the artist behind this and she does many styles of art (some of which you can peruse and purchase here). Even her business cards are a feast for the eyes. Michele is a professional artist, illustrator and art tutor working from her garden studio in Suffolk, England. She specialises in watercolours and also makes mosaics and monoprints so you could say she is a good all-rounder. You can see some of her work and learn more about her here. So what are you waiting for? Every home should have a Michele Webber print!

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