19 May 2011

Good service

Today I received some amazing service whilst exchanging something at B&Q. It's very rare to get such good service these days but it's something that's always on my mind, especially because I've spent most of my working life interfacing with the public.

Ok, ok. There's lots of people that are good at their jobs but it's people like this lady today who go over and above that and stick in your mind as being exceptional at their jobs. She was professional, engaging and friendly all at the same time and is a credit to her employer. I thanked her at the time but wanted B&Q to know what an asset she was and tweeted them. Hopefully the appreciation was also expressed by B&Q.

My point is that people are always quick to go out of their way to complain. Who doesn't? But people going to the same lengths to commend is a rare thing. I've always been brought up to recognise and report both good and bad service and hopefully more people will do so in the future. I know I'd love to hear that I'd make a difference to someone's day so spread a bit of happiness and do the same for someone else!

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