13 May 2011

An update (Weeks 4 and 5)

I am yet to take photos but essential work is progressing.

Our bathroom suite arrived and has been put together to check all the pieces are there! The bathroom seriously was unusable. Everything we've ripped out has been unsalvageable (we have been told by numerous family and friends and tradespeople) that the bathroom suite definately needed to be replaced. I know no-one likes to use someone elses bathroom but it's the way it goes. It's a cost I would have preferred to avoid but like the electrics and plumbing it is sadly a necessity.

In this process so far we are managing to save the kitchen and the built in cupboards in the second bedroom. They're actually pretty good sliding wardrobes so I'm relieved the last people left something for us to keep!

The rewire is nearly finished too! The electricians have found really shocking DIY disasters along the way including someone replacing fuse wire with copper wire!? Mental. It's making me more and more pleased and reassured that although it's been a massive outlay, it would have been ignorant if we hadn't. I don't want to burn in my bed, no siree!

The plumbing work is finished for the time being too so we're nearly at it being an actualy place to live. As long as we have a place to eat, sleep and go to the loo I'm happy. The rest can be done as we can afford it :) 

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