24 Aug 2011

Kitting out the house for about 5p

Ok, so maybe thats an exaggeration but I found some right bargains today. I'm currently trying to kit out the kitchen with glasses and cutlery and things like that. My two best bargains are Ikea cutlery (16 pieces for £2.62) and Tesco drinking glasses (98p for 4!) Crrrrazy prices but it's helping me get lots for my money and I intend to try and find more bargains shortly. Let me know if you find anything similarly bargainess and tell others about it!

23 Aug 2011

Jobs and trying to find one quickly!

If you had asked me what I wanted to be when before I left school I would simply have said "well paid". Years on I have realised that people should just be grateful to be employed at all.

There are a lot of people in my position. I've stuck in at school and university and was told that a good degree will open the door to most jobs. What I've found is quite the opposite and that's not necessarily because of lack of work experience. I've worked since I had just turned sixteen so it's not lack of effort there.

Where the blame does perhaps lie is the way I've approached my career. A bit of a scatterbrain approach is how I'd describe it and that's maybe because I would like to split myself a few different ways and experience lots of different jobs and sectors. This does not make for a good, or particularly focused C.V.

The thing I find the most frustrating is that people can't or won't give you a chance these days. I've fallen lucky this year as when I was made redundant in March, I put a cheeky application in for a sick leave cover job in a field I'd never experienced or really entertained before. I was offered the job - my current employers really took a chance on me - and thankfully it paid off for both of us. I've loved working there and met some great people and learnt some new skills and just generally interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the lady who was on the sick, is now returning to work and although she's well within her rights to claim back her job, it leaves me in an awkward position. Sad times.

So the job hunt begins again, and for the past few weeks it's been at its time consuming and soul destroying best. Apparently I'm qualified for nothing. Some people have inferred I'm over qualified and some people said I'm under qualified. Fair dooos about the under qualified bit but I can never quite get my head around being over qualified. Ok maybe you don't want to invest in someone who might want to move on quickly but then surely thats true of any level of qualification. Surely the fact that you're applying is enough to let someone know you want AND need this job?

Wish me luck. This is an emergency!

15 Aug 2011

A wish of mine.

I've always thought this but especially as a result of last weeks events...

In my ideal world, you would be able to treat people the same as they treat you - good and bad. This might mean that a lot of people might give a thought to the consequences instead of acting like complete idiots. Especially people like the lunartics who crashed their car into those poor lads. In Randomchatter world, they'd get back exactly what they'd dished out. After all, fair's fair.

4 Aug 2011

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who entered our lovely giveaway! I guess you want to know who the winner is? *drum roll* The winner is... Straysuzi! If you can get send your name and full postal address to my email and I'll send your prize out! Congrats from the great Planet Events Direct and myself. We bet you look stunning wearing your lovely prize!

1 Aug 2011

A tired but happy young lady and a fake-o Christmas feeling

I have gloss (well satin wood) on my hands that is refusing to part ways with my skin but I've come to realise it doesn't actually matter anymore. We're only a few days from getting the carpets down and the furniture arriving (at the end of the week) and I'm really excited. It's almost like that feeling you get a few days before Christmas where you can't quite believe it's almost the day that you've been waiting for and counting down to for months!

More piccies on the way soon :)