23 Aug 2011

Jobs and trying to find one quickly!

If you had asked me what I wanted to be when before I left school I would simply have said "well paid". Years on I have realised that people should just be grateful to be employed at all.

There are a lot of people in my position. I've stuck in at school and university and was told that a good degree will open the door to most jobs. What I've found is quite the opposite and that's not necessarily because of lack of work experience. I've worked since I had just turned sixteen so it's not lack of effort there.

Where the blame does perhaps lie is the way I've approached my career. A bit of a scatterbrain approach is how I'd describe it and that's maybe because I would like to split myself a few different ways and experience lots of different jobs and sectors. This does not make for a good, or particularly focused C.V.

The thing I find the most frustrating is that people can't or won't give you a chance these days. I've fallen lucky this year as when I was made redundant in March, I put a cheeky application in for a sick leave cover job in a field I'd never experienced or really entertained before. I was offered the job - my current employers really took a chance on me - and thankfully it paid off for both of us. I've loved working there and met some great people and learnt some new skills and just generally interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the lady who was on the sick, is now returning to work and although she's well within her rights to claim back her job, it leaves me in an awkward position. Sad times.

So the job hunt begins again, and for the past few weeks it's been at its time consuming and soul destroying best. Apparently I'm qualified for nothing. Some people have inferred I'm over qualified and some people said I'm under qualified. Fair dooos about the under qualified bit but I can never quite get my head around being over qualified. Ok maybe you don't want to invest in someone who might want to move on quickly but then surely thats true of any level of qualification. Surely the fact that you're applying is enough to let someone know you want AND need this job?

Wish me luck. This is an emergency!


  1. Oh little Tilly.....chin up and be strong !
    Getting a job is a job in yourself these days and some employers are really abusing the situation.
    The "over qualified/under qualified" scenario is sadly a situation which crops up again and again in a climate where jobs are scarce, competitors are a plenty and people(employers) dont always play or act fair :-(

    As an assertive, outgoing and confident young lady you have an edge over many, in the fact that you can stand out in a crowd and be noticed for the right reasons..... and in a seriously overcrowded job-seeking market these qualities will reward you in dividends as time goes by.

    All the very best with the job search.....someone will soon snap you up :-)


  2. Tilly Randomchatter24 August 2011 at 20:45

    Thanks! Watch this space! x