6 Dec 2011

Does age matter?

There's been a lot of publicity about the Harry Styles and Caroline Flack pairing and it made me realise how we're still hung up about age difference. We've all done it where we've seen an older man or woman with a younger partner and scoffed at the thought but then when you think about it why should it matter at all? The only time such an age gap will surely matter is when one person is a lot more infirm than the other one that changes their lifestyle and even then, love should get ou through if it's the real McCoy!

There was a similar age gap between my grandparents and they were happily married for over 40 years. On the flip side, I'm not even 30 yet and one of my friends was married and divorced in the space of 4 years to a person just a couple of years younger. Age clearly doesn't equate to remaining happily married until death do us part.

In my opinion, you love who you love and that spans across lots of years. There's too little love in this world these days to start discriminating about who qualifies to end up with who. Just let them be happy together!

5 Dec 2011


Right guys. In the spirit of Christmas here's another giveaway. Lovely Christine from Planet Events Direct has provided some lovely prizes from her even lovelier shop.

It's not too late to get crafty for Christmas. Making gifts is a great way to spend less but give more. And practically everyone loves things that are made with lots of love and thought put into them rather than the first thing you can dash into a shop for. Check it out for yourself as she has lots of beautiful findings, trimming and accessories.

If you don't have the time to spare just now, you can also buy things ready made up (like these stunning earrings .) As these earrings are my total favourites, Christine has agreed to give me 3 pairs to give to you lot! I thought that would get your attention!

I think they're beautiful - aren't they just divine?  And they can be yours in time for the party season. If you can bear to give them away, you could even use them as a great Christmas prezzy!

Here's what you have to do....

*Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect and comment (maybe something chatty - I do love a good chat with followers!) under this blog post to say you are a follower! Remember to leave a twitter ID or email address so I can contact you if you're one of our lucky winners!

- Let us know your favourite thing about Christine's Folksy shop whether it be your favourite item or something less obvious but just as good. Remember to identify yourself though!
- Retweet our competition tweet.

-UK entrants only this time I'm afraid.
-We'll try and get the prizes to you before Christmas but please allow 28 days from the closing date of the competition to receive your prizes.
-This giveaway closes on Friday 9th December 2011.
-Three winners will be selected and winners must reply to our tweet/email within 7 days or other lucky winners will be selected.