23 Nov 2011

Get more for your money!

I've found that finding time to shop for Christmas prezzies is really hard if you're planning to go out and about and so a majority of gifts are to be bought online this year. After a fairly unsuccessful trip to a shopping centre nearby I've realised that while I've already got a few things sorted, now is the time to knuckle down. If you're in the same situation as me here are a few of my best tips.

1. If you are wanting to shop from the big chains, try searching for discount codes on www.vouchercodes.co.uk to save yourself money.

2. Use a cashback sites like Quidco or TopCashBack. All you need to do is go onto one of these sites, search for the retailer you are interested in and click through to shop at that site the way you normall would. It tracks your spend and you end up with cash! I've used TopCashBack for the last 9 months when making purchases I would have done anyway and made back the best part of £100.

3. I prefer to shop with smaller, independant retailers and there are plenty to shoose from online. A great place to start for unusual, personal gift ideas is somewhere like Folksy or Etsy. They are bursting with talented individuals selling some of the most fabulous handcrafted things you have ever seen.

4.The final thing I like to remember when shopping online is although you might feel ripped off by P&P charges, you probably would have paid more in petrol and parking (and blood sweat and tears).

Grab a cuppa and put your computer on. This year, Christmas shopping just got fabulous.

9 Nov 2011

Just say one nice thing a day :)

I complimented a customer today and after a pleased reaction, I thought more and more about how one comment like that can leave you walking on air all day knowing that someone has appreciated you.

When you think about it, it's not even a big ask. You don't need to put time aside to do it, it doesn't cost you anything and it probably makes you feel a bit happier for making a difference to someone.

New homework guys, (I hope you've been enjoying the 10 minutes to yourself one, a la that Twinings campaign). I want you (even for just one week) to compliment someone or say something positive to someone every day for the rest of this week. It can be either someone you know or a stranger but the important thing is that you've made an unexpected difference to their day.

7 Nov 2011

eeeeeek, I've got some good news!

I'm getting married!!! On the 2nd August next year I will be the official other half of my lovely, long suffering fiance. I'm so excited but so overwhelmed by how much I have to organise. Let the excitement commence!