19 Oct 2011

Pearl Anniversary - a rare achievement

My lovely parents have been together nearly 34 years and married for almost 30. In the present day and in my opinion, this is a fabulous achievement and it should be celebrated and praised. A lot of people for a lot of different reasons never get anywhere close to being married for even a decade nowadays. I'm not sure why that is? Are we too choosy because society is constantly telling us we can do better? Is there less stigma surrounding separation and divorce these days so people find it too easy not to try? Or are we just allowing ourselves the chance to be happy if something just isn't working out.

A couple of generations ago, it was shameful not to work on your marriage. You just hadn't tried enough but this attitude was good and bad in different circumstances and in equal measures. I really believe that if you've tried everything you should call it a day and try and make the separation as amicable as it can be depending on what has happened, but I also believe that you shouldn't torture yourself.

In celebration of those rare couples who manage to notch up at least a few decades of marriage by either avoiding divorce or suffering a bereavement, there are anniversaries to think of, and the cards and presents that represent the amount of years are becoming increasingly harder to find and buy because so few people manage it. My parents are celebrating their Pearl Anniversary so I'm trying to think of something to get them that incorporates this without it being too girly. I'll let you know how I get on...

Answers on a postcard readers!

13 Oct 2011

Twinings - Take 10

Recently I applied to become a Twinings Ambassador with Red Magazine and was only of the lucky chosen few. The concept appealed to me on many levels but first and foremost because I love tea. I mainly drink English Breakfast or Fruit teas, but thought that maybe this would be my opportunity to broaden my horizons a bit and give some feedback at the same time.

To my delight, Twinings sent 4 variety boxes of yummy teas including a fruit tea selection, green tea selection, mint tea selection and last but not least, a classic blends box with your English Breakfast, Earl Grey etc in. Since they have arrived, I've been trying lots of different ones - I'm still unsure about Green Tea but I'm persevering.

Our first task for last month was to take 10 minutes to ourselves every day to enjoy a brew as part of the Twinings - Take 10 campaign that they're currently running. I've recently seen the advert that goes alongside this campaign (the one with the lady weathering the storm) and it reminds me of a beautiful book, illustrated in watercolour that we read at school when I was ten. I must try and remember what that book was called actually...

After the whole ten days, I surprised myself with the results. Not only did I have to force myself to find only ten minutes to enjoy some 'me time' but it made me think about how much I did for myself and how much of my time was taken up doing things for other people. If you think about it you'd probably find the same as me. So, I want you lot to try doing the same, just for ten days. I know it's hard with families, work and other things to put some time aside but it's definitely worth it. It'll make you assess things differently for sure.

Enjoy xxx

8 Oct 2011

Flukey is a word that may describe this?!

I went to work as usual yesterday for the new place and then when 5:30 arrived, I nipped over to the pharmacy to meet the lady who had phoned up the night before. I was a bag of nerves waiting for a grilling about how I thought I was suitable to work there and then waiting for them to tell me just how unsuitable and inexperienced I was for such a job.

The lady (lets call her 'L') took me outside the health centre for a little chat as it was insanely busy inside. L asked what I was after with regards to work and I told her "full time as I have my house to pay for". Then she moved onto the make or break "what is your work background?" question. I couldn't lie and told her that my only experience was the last 6 or 7 months as a receptionist in the Dr's surgery. It was a bit of  a blur after that with me jabbering on about how "I'm a hard worker and willing to learn and have pursued further education to better myself la la la" but the interview only lasted a total of about 5 minutes and didn't go how a normal interview would. I was waiting for her to say she would let me know when she turned and said "well as far as I'm concerned that's the interview done with, can you start Monday?" You could have knocked me down with a feather! Full time? Yes. Min wage? Yes, but with training it's only set to pay more. I didn't want to come off as ungrateful but I asked if I could start the following week so I didn't drop the new place in it after they'd been kind enough to offer me a job. I think L thought it was quite honourable because she was quite happy for me to start a week later than she'd asked.

So there you are. I'm going to be a Pharmacy Girl! I think this goes as far as I want it to now because with an opportunity that I would never walk into otherwise and a bit of hard work and showing willingness from me, this could be a whole new career! Mental. I've got a lot to thank the Doctor for, as the day I got my notice he had obviously been putting some very generous and magical words in for me. I love the very bones of that man. He is truly one of the kindest and greatest people I have ever met. However hard a worker I was, I would never have got an interview with the pharmacy otherwise.

I am one very smiley and happy young lady. Here's to a new adventure!

6 Oct 2011

Oops, I spoke too soon. But it wasn't all bad...

Yesterday was one filled with tears. A normal Wednesday, hectic at work and then after my shift I was summoned to the Practice Manager's office for a chat which left me with my one weeks notice - you see I knew it was on the cards - and in a bit of a flap. I'm quite an emotional person at the best of times but I have absolutely LOVED that little job and the Doctor is a total one off. One of the nicest, most approachable people I have ever met. After a lot more blubbing and a few hugs, I began to make my exit only to be asked round to the pharmacy by the Dr who proceeded to try and set me up with some work there. Then, only two hours later, a Practice Manager from a surgery in the same health centre offered me a job (only part time but better than what I thought I was having to end with) which I started today!

But wait...the plot thickens. One hour ago, I had a missed call. I wondered to myself who might phone so late at night but rang back anyway, only to find that the pharmacy had asked me to come in for another chat tomorrow after my shift. Crazy times. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it. I'm interested to know what you guys would do....

3 Oct 2011

Dr Beckmann - Colour Run Remover

Yesterday in an attempt to make a bigger load to wash Mr Chatter's work promo t-shirts in the machine, I accidently tossed in something not especially colour fast. I don't know what I was thinking but the only thing that got ruined was my top. One of my absolute favourite tops. It's just a Zara one and was red and white stripes and now it's red and pink.

Tonight I went and bought Dr Beckmann Colour Run Remover in the hopes that it would undo my stupidity. I had high hopes after reading some reviews on the internet but clearly I have outdone myself. After wasting three English pounds on this 'rescue remedy' I was left disappointed in a massive way. My beautiful top emerged from the mystical suds like a contestant from Stars In Their Eyes only to look EXACTLY THE SAME.

Colour Run Fail. At least I bought some Colour Catcher sheets so next time I have such a special moment, I won't get far enough to have to waste my money again :(

Finally I'm back.

Since the move I've had no internet apart from on my Blackberry which has been a sad old time. I've been able to briefly check my emails at work for urgent things but nothing as lovely as blogging and so I am one happy lady to return!

So what have I missed? And what have I got to tell you in the last...oh my goodness...MONTH!

I'll start with the fact that somehow, I'm still employed. My impending doom at the hands of the returning long term sicky has remarkably spared me and given me a few weeks grace to really get my finger out now the bulk of the move is over and find another job before I really am out on my a**e.

Secondly, I've become some sort of domestic godess, batch baking lasagne to keep the costs down and cleaning up after two boys. I may have forgotten to mention that Mr Chatter's brother is now lodging with us. The only reason it works is because we all get along so well but I won't lie, the rent he's paying us is a great crutch when my job is hanging in the balance. The arrangement has worked out well for all of us as BOMC (Brother Of Mr Chatter) is now 20 mins closer to work than he would have been living at his Mam's house and isn't paying over the odds for a house share!

I'm going to take pics of my house so you can see the difference. I'm sure you can't wait. :op xxx