3 Oct 2011

Finally I'm back.

Since the move I've had no internet apart from on my Blackberry which has been a sad old time. I've been able to briefly check my emails at work for urgent things but nothing as lovely as blogging and so I am one happy lady to return!

So what have I missed? And what have I got to tell you in the last...oh my goodness...MONTH!

I'll start with the fact that somehow, I'm still employed. My impending doom at the hands of the returning long term sicky has remarkably spared me and given me a few weeks grace to really get my finger out now the bulk of the move is over and find another job before I really am out on my a**e.

Secondly, I've become some sort of domestic godess, batch baking lasagne to keep the costs down and cleaning up after two boys. I may have forgotten to mention that Mr Chatter's brother is now lodging with us. The only reason it works is because we all get along so well but I won't lie, the rent he's paying us is a great crutch when my job is hanging in the balance. The arrangement has worked out well for all of us as BOMC (Brother Of Mr Chatter) is now 20 mins closer to work than he would have been living at his Mam's house and isn't paying over the odds for a house share!

I'm going to take pics of my house so you can see the difference. I'm sure you can't wait. :op xxx

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  1. Great news about the job ! nice to have you back from the non computer wilderness :-)