3 Oct 2011

Dr Beckmann - Colour Run Remover

Yesterday in an attempt to make a bigger load to wash Mr Chatter's work promo t-shirts in the machine, I accidently tossed in something not especially colour fast. I don't know what I was thinking but the only thing that got ruined was my top. One of my absolute favourite tops. It's just a Zara one and was red and white stripes and now it's red and pink.

Tonight I went and bought Dr Beckmann Colour Run Remover in the hopes that it would undo my stupidity. I had high hopes after reading some reviews on the internet but clearly I have outdone myself. After wasting three English pounds on this 'rescue remedy' I was left disappointed in a massive way. My beautiful top emerged from the mystical suds like a contestant from Stars In Their Eyes only to look EXACTLY THE SAME.

Colour Run Fail. At least I bought some Colour Catcher sheets so next time I have such a special moment, I won't get far enough to have to waste my money again :(

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