19 Oct 2011

Pearl Anniversary - a rare achievement

My lovely parents have been together nearly 34 years and married for almost 30. In the present day and in my opinion, this is a fabulous achievement and it should be celebrated and praised. A lot of people for a lot of different reasons never get anywhere close to being married for even a decade nowadays. I'm not sure why that is? Are we too choosy because society is constantly telling us we can do better? Is there less stigma surrounding separation and divorce these days so people find it too easy not to try? Or are we just allowing ourselves the chance to be happy if something just isn't working out.

A couple of generations ago, it was shameful not to work on your marriage. You just hadn't tried enough but this attitude was good and bad in different circumstances and in equal measures. I really believe that if you've tried everything you should call it a day and try and make the separation as amicable as it can be depending on what has happened, but I also believe that you shouldn't torture yourself.

In celebration of those rare couples who manage to notch up at least a few decades of marriage by either avoiding divorce or suffering a bereavement, there are anniversaries to think of, and the cards and presents that represent the amount of years are becoming increasingly harder to find and buy because so few people manage it. My parents are celebrating their Pearl Anniversary so I'm trying to think of something to get them that incorporates this without it being too girly. I'll let you know how I get on...

Answers on a postcard readers!

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