13 Oct 2011

Twinings - Take 10

Recently I applied to become a Twinings Ambassador with Red Magazine and was only of the lucky chosen few. The concept appealed to me on many levels but first and foremost because I love tea. I mainly drink English Breakfast or Fruit teas, but thought that maybe this would be my opportunity to broaden my horizons a bit and give some feedback at the same time.

To my delight, Twinings sent 4 variety boxes of yummy teas including a fruit tea selection, green tea selection, mint tea selection and last but not least, a classic blends box with your English Breakfast, Earl Grey etc in. Since they have arrived, I've been trying lots of different ones - I'm still unsure about Green Tea but I'm persevering.

Our first task for last month was to take 10 minutes to ourselves every day to enjoy a brew as part of the Twinings - Take 10 campaign that they're currently running. I've recently seen the advert that goes alongside this campaign (the one with the lady weathering the storm) and it reminds me of a beautiful book, illustrated in watercolour that we read at school when I was ten. I must try and remember what that book was called actually...

After the whole ten days, I surprised myself with the results. Not only did I have to force myself to find only ten minutes to enjoy some 'me time' but it made me think about how much I did for myself and how much of my time was taken up doing things for other people. If you think about it you'd probably find the same as me. So, I want you lot to try doing the same, just for ten days. I know it's hard with families, work and other things to put some time aside but it's definitely worth it. It'll make you assess things differently for sure.

Enjoy xxx

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely way to enjoy tea !
    I am also a great tea drinker, my favourite is Earl Grey with lemon, and i also like to indulge in some lapsang souchong.
    Although on a day to day basis i get on just fine with good ole Tetley.

    oOoooooh you are a lucky thing.
    Enjoy your tea's!(^_^)