8 Oct 2011

Flukey is a word that may describe this?!

I went to work as usual yesterday for the new place and then when 5:30 arrived, I nipped over to the pharmacy to meet the lady who had phoned up the night before. I was a bag of nerves waiting for a grilling about how I thought I was suitable to work there and then waiting for them to tell me just how unsuitable and inexperienced I was for such a job.

The lady (lets call her 'L') took me outside the health centre for a little chat as it was insanely busy inside. L asked what I was after with regards to work and I told her "full time as I have my house to pay for". Then she moved onto the make or break "what is your work background?" question. I couldn't lie and told her that my only experience was the last 6 or 7 months as a receptionist in the Dr's surgery. It was a bit of  a blur after that with me jabbering on about how "I'm a hard worker and willing to learn and have pursued further education to better myself la la la" but the interview only lasted a total of about 5 minutes and didn't go how a normal interview would. I was waiting for her to say she would let me know when she turned and said "well as far as I'm concerned that's the interview done with, can you start Monday?" You could have knocked me down with a feather! Full time? Yes. Min wage? Yes, but with training it's only set to pay more. I didn't want to come off as ungrateful but I asked if I could start the following week so I didn't drop the new place in it after they'd been kind enough to offer me a job. I think L thought it was quite honourable because she was quite happy for me to start a week later than she'd asked.

So there you are. I'm going to be a Pharmacy Girl! I think this goes as far as I want it to now because with an opportunity that I would never walk into otherwise and a bit of hard work and showing willingness from me, this could be a whole new career! Mental. I've got a lot to thank the Doctor for, as the day I got my notice he had obviously been putting some very generous and magical words in for me. I love the very bones of that man. He is truly one of the kindest and greatest people I have ever met. However hard a worker I was, I would never have got an interview with the pharmacy otherwise.

I am one very smiley and happy young lady. Here's to a new adventure!

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