14 May 2011


Folksy has been around since 2007 but many people still don't know about it. For those of you in this position I'll tell you a bit about it. Folksy is a centre point to sort out all your gift buying problems. It is bursting with talented designer makers  - some of which sell their creations as a sideline around a salaried job and others that make a full-time, decent living from the fruits of their labours. Either way Folksy becomes an addiction.

I have taken a peek on there many a time and suddenly realised hours have passed and I simply haven't realised due to the fact I have been mesmerised by all the interesting and innovative wares on there. I've bought things in the past from etsy.com which is more or less a U.S. version of the U.K. based Folksy.

The concept is brilliant and lets all the talented people who might not be able to use it as a fully sustainable income, showcase their talent for all to see and enjoy. Somethings you will love and have seen similar things before, somethings you will love and will be a totally new concept to you!

Here are some of my favourites:

Taken from MadBrilliantIdeas Folksy shop
Or these:

Taken from lovesagoodyarn Folksy shop

There's plenty more to see but I'll blog about those at a later date. I just wanted to bring to your attention the wonder of Folksy. Not only will you be supporting British genius but you will never have to look anywhere else for gift ideas, accessories or finishing touches to your home!

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