10 May 2011

Time to get fit.

I have in my posession the new book by Matt Roberts  which I'm hoping does exactly what it says on the tin. "I Will Make You Fit Fast" offers two plans. One is a slower, gradual 12 week plan; the other is a 2 week blitz! If you're anything like me you would want to do the 2 week one for fast results, but on closer inspection you have to remember how much harder the work would be.

I'm 27 years old and I've never ever been into sport. Down to some hellish genes (thank you parents) I've managed to maintain a respectable size 8/10 figure thus far. However, I'm under no illusion that lots of food + little-to-no exercise  does not equal an ideal habit to be in. Irrespective of managing to maintain a figure I'm pretty happy with, I've only recently stopped to consider what a kicking my insides are probably taking and this is compounded by how unfit I find myself to be these days. I won't lie. I've NEVER been fit. The closest I've got to a level of fitness is during the senior school years when P.E. was forced upon me and I participated under duress.

So, I thought I'd give this book a bash. The 12 week plan of course. Nothing too hardcore. And only the exercise bit just to see how effective half the plan is. Look forward to an update on how I get on and how user friendly it all is. I might even surprise myself!

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