24 May 2011

Nothing solves a problem better then a cup of tea...

...so I am extremely excited to show off my new tea cosy which makes my cuppa an even more stylish and special experience.

This stunning piece is made by Cherry Tree who make lovely tea cosies in lots of pretty styles and colours not to mention lots of other gorgeous goodies that would brighten up your home or be fabulous as presents. The tea cosies are all hand crafted and when yours arrives, even though you don't know Cherry Tree, you feel as though someone you know very well has made a very thoughtful gift for you!

I would love to give or receive something like this and it's a brilliant (and affordable) gift idea for anyone's requirements. Chances are, even if the person doesn't like tea, they'll have a teapot for cutesy, ornamental use on a dresser or mantlepiece. One of Cherry Tree's tea cosies would be the 'piece de resistance'! I love mine and can't wait to invite my friends round for a spot of afternoon tea. This will certainly be a great centre piece and talking point. I'm certain they'll all want one too!

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