6 Jan 2011

I Love Curry!

Due to my recent cookery comp success, I've been interested in learning a lot more about food in general and trying to improve my cookery skills. So I'm going to start reviewing cookery books and when I get chance and get my act together I'll let you know my favourite creations from each one and which are easy and effective. Firstly though, here are my thoughts about I Love Curry by Anjum Anand.

I have followed Anand on her cookery shows on T.V. and so when I got the opportunity to review this book I was eager to give it a read. My family are all curry lovers and I've had a go at some slow cooked curry recipes in the past but never any other types and I wondered how these recipes would compare in complexity. I was pleasantly surprised by the straight-forwardness of the dishes! I don't claim to be any sort of expert, but the recipes in 'I Love Curry' are easy to follow and very well explained which will assist even the most inexperienced cook.

Aesthetically, the book is stunning and very well organised. It is split into Vegetable, Fish, Poultry and Meat curries and the accompaniments are also split into clear sections.

Reading the book in its entirety was really interesting and informative. The first few pages describe characteristics of currys from different regions and lots of important basics you should know and learn in order to fully understand the basis of Indian dishes. There's a 'Spices 101' section at the back detailing the appearance, the fragrance and the use of each spice. I was especially impressed by the fact that the book offered to teach you all the basics rather than purely offering recipes. Anand also offers up suggestions of where other alternative ingredients can be omitted or added in to create the flavour that is best for you.

I guess the only thing that is left to be said is that I was salivating whilst turning every page of this lovely book and I can't wait to get stuck in making and learning from such a great cook.

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