24 Jan 2011

The House Of Avalon - a Vintage Wonderland

Last May, 'The House Of Avalon' opened in York. It's an amazing little place just round from the York Minster. The whole place is decked out with beautiful vintage furniture, and the shop itself is split into two main bits. The front part is with all the clothing, handbags and other lovely little trinkets. In terms of clothing, although it only has a small stock holding, it is the best selection of vintage items I've ever seen. Sadly a lot of 'vintage' shops these days stock vintage inspired things that retailers pretend are vintage (read how it p***es me off here) but are actually Topshop in disguise whereas The House Of Avalon stocks the real McCoy. Beautiful ballgowns and stunning daywear all from between 1910 to the 1960's. There's also a backwash sink tucked away in the corner because they also offer hairdressing services. What a talented bunch of people!

Out the back of the shop there's a cute little tea room where you can have tea or coffee and cupcakes and lovely things off china cups and plates. Everything is just as though you are in a more quaint and lovely time. They even have a picture frame on the wall and project old-school Fred and Ginger and Audrey Hepburn movies into the centre! I was in heaven. He's a pic of me looking delighted to be there.

As you can see in the background, the staff really dress the part. This lady in particular looked so beautiful!
My mam got a stunning and very unusual evening bag that she couldn't take her eyes off whilst we were enjoying our tea. How civilised are we?

The other twist to all this is that it's part of a charity so the entire thing is non-profit. The Avalon charity helps to create employment for people with learning disabilities within a social enterprise. You can read more about their aims and background here.

A great vintage experience and a fantastic cause. You could feasibly come out of there with new hair, a new outfit, fed and watered AND having done a good turn for charity. Everyone's a winner! You should definitely visit. If you would like to do so the address is as follows:

5 High Petergate, York, YO1 7EN

Knock your vintage socks off!

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