13 Jan 2011

Hair Do or Don't....

I'm desperate to have something different done to my hair. Sadly I've had these thoughts for almost my entire 27 years. Throughout that time I've mainly had long dark brown hair (it's never even been dyed). Only once did I actually get the bottle up to do anything and  had a jaw length bob cut in which I regretted after a fortnight.

Until now (when it is sooo desperate for even another boring trim) I have been trying to accessorise with hair things to try and make it all more exciting. My most recent and effective tactic is to use hair grips to pin brooches around a bun for a sophisticated style. PLEASE BE CAREFUL and make sure that the pin is fastened down to the brooch and won't come loose and stick in your head. However I feel that now is the time to hunt for and put into practice a proper style so if you profess to know anything about hair or know someone who does, I'd appreciate the guidance. It seems a good and trustworthy hairdresser is a rare commodity these days.

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