27 Jan 2011

Adele = genius

I love Adele. I've just been listening to one of her Radio 1 Live Lounge tracks from earlier today and welled up just listening to the first 30 seconds. I've not heard much of her new album but what I have heard sounds as astoundingly beautiful as her first album, '19'. 19 has become one of my favourite albums from the very first listen and although every song is stunning, Hometown Glory was the standout track for me. You can buy it here.

I caught the back end of a live broadcast on http://www.adele.tv/ the other night and once again she's got me hooked. 'Someone like You' seems to be the 'Hometown Glory' of her new album '21' (and both are the finale tracks on their respective albums).

All Adele's songs are breathtakingly, heart-wrenchingly honest and tap right into situations you are currently going through or manages to stir up feelings you might have ever had. What an incredibly talented young woman. I wish I had her voice. I would just sing to myself all day long. You can find out more about the lovely Adele here. I think I'll head off to try and buy 21 right now. Toodles!

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