5 Jan 2011

Christmas and New Year

After all the usual Christmas stressy build up, I broke up from work and took a breath. Then I went out to my local for the annual Christmas meet up. Everyone from my college and school days come home to their parents houses and we all catch up on the years events and it sets me up just nicely for Christmas day with the family and my fiance. I'm actually hoping that next Christmas will be my first one in my own house if we can get enough money together. Watch this space.

Christmas Day was lovely. I got thoroughly spoilt and ate far too much. A food timeline reads:

Pastries (Breakfast) ------> Christmas Dinner (Turkey and Beef) ------> Sweets (Supper)

New Year was slow starting but very fun in the end. We went to a local pub which was full of NOBODY I knew. So after a few glasses of wine the night picked up, assisted by some golden songs which all had dance routines. 'Muscle Memory'? Understatement. I hadn't a clue what my arms and legs were doing to begin with but then I realised it was SATURDAY NIGHT by Whigfield. There was also The Boat Song (Oops Upside Your Head); Macarena; Agadoo; I Am The Music Man and The Time Warp. Musical, lyrical genius. Ok, I know it sounds hilariously bad but I do love whipping out all those old school time moves :) After seeing the new year in we all moved along to a house party (and mischeviously drew willies in the condensation on car windscreens the whole way) Mature huh?

What did you all get up to this Christmas and New Year? All the best for 2011.

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