17 Jan 2011

Don't Let The B*****ds Get You Down!

When I think of Janet Street-Porter, I envisage a no-nonsense, straight speaking, ballsy, successful woman. I’ve never really known what to make of her, but I have always respected how strident and sure she is of her personal and professional achievements.

Due to these facts, I was eager to read “Don’t Let The B*****ds Get You Down” because I knew it would be a sensible and dry approach to self help culture. I was not disappointed. Elements of this book made me laugh out aloud as she has written the book, exactly how she would speak the information to you. Regarding political correctness gone mad, Janet Street-Porter says all the things I hear people say everyday and sets the record straight in a witty and sensible fashion. For the most part, I actually felt that she might have listened to my daily rants and plucked the thoughts staight from my mind.

The government has bred generations of people that cannot do anything without being instructed to do so by the authorites or the government themselves. This has signalled the end of common sense for the forseeable future and element by element, Janet busts myths and reassures the reader that they can in fact get through their lives without the ‘safety’ of guidance from those running the country.

My favourite part is the fabulous ‘useful addresses’ bit at the back. I love anything that helps me do something for myself or helps me to streamline my life for the better. I’ll be sure to make use of most of these links at a later date.

This book is the only self-help book you should ever read. It’s a brutually honest assessment and verbal shake-up/wake up; slapping down hysterical people and the hysteria caused by unfounded claims from the media.

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