8 Nov 2010

Was Cheryl framed?

I'm feeling a bit cross today. I think X Factor is a bit of a farce if I'm honest. If it was a serious singing competition, acts like Jedward and Wagner wouldn't be in it. But as always, the perverse British public keep acts like that in at the expense of more talented people's dreams.

Last night on X Factor, Cheryl had to pick between her two acts. Now I agree, that's her role as judge she SHOULD have to pick. However, the way the show normally goes is that the judge who has both acts in the bottom two normally picks last. She was put on the spot last night and point blank refused to choose, saying she'd rather take it to 'Deadlock' (where its decided by the viewers vote).

I feel sorry for her. The normal way that segment of the show is run was not like that last night and it's painted her in a bad light. People who believe everything they see on the TV/read in the media will now be crowing about how she should have chosen but she wasn't given the proper opportunity to perform her role as a judge in a fair and proper way. Anyone who knows the normal format will have recognised that.

Give her a break, the X Factor let her down last night.

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