10 Nov 2010

Protesting Palaver.

I am disgusted at what I just witnessed on the news. Hundreds of 'protesters' (read idiots) abusing and assaulting police; smashing windows; generally being mindless hooligans...

I myself have been a student and had the opportunity to go to university for which I am very thankful for. However, before I went, I also considered doing an Open University degree instead so I could work and get experience alongside. In the end I went to my local uni, University of Teesside so I didn't have to pay to go away and incur unnecessary accommodation costs. I do feel very sorry for people going to uni these days as it was expensive enough when I was there and the pain-in-the-arse bit is that most of the people deciding these things got grants and went for free.

On the other side of it. If people are genuinely wanting to go to uni they can...and this is where I think the Open University are going to cash in. They run great quality courses and it fits around your life so it is a feasible option.

So in conclusion, whilst I feel sorry for all the people genuinely seeking further education rather than just getting pissed for 3 years, I don't think this is the way to go about it! These imbeciles ruined it for all the genuine protesters...and lets face it...people like those morons smashing windows today, probably aren't clever enough to be at uni anyway.

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