16 Nov 2010

Nivea Visage Wipes

Last week I was sent a pack of these new wipes by Nivea.

They claim to:
  • Cleanse, tone and hydrate
  • Remove make-up and waterproof mascara
  • Be suitable for sensitive eyes
Plus - and I think this is quite unusual - its a one size fits all affair. One type of wipes is suitable for all skin types.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about trying these wipes at first because they didn't seem as wet as the ones I normally use and didn't think there would be enough moisture to remove my make-up. I also have really sensitive skin and was concerned that they might be drying despite claims to be suitable for sensitive, delicate little flowers such as myself.

However, I needn't have worried about anything.... The wipes are some of the best I've used. I held them on my eyes for a but to loosen off the mascara and then gently buffed my skin with the wipe. These wipes have an uneven surface which I think its a great design. It seems to get right into your pores and get all the make up off without too much stress on your skin. Your skin has no oily residue like a lot of other moisturising wipes. Just a silky but matt feel!

My skin has been in really good condition since I started using them and they don't make my eyes feel watery afterwards like most make-up removing products I've ever used. I'll definitely get some more in the future and would highly recommend them to others!

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