30 Nov 2010

Stepford Wife FAIL

Here's what happens when I'm trusted with domestic tasks. I had brought the Dyson upstairs to do some tidying but I also needed to straighten my fringe as without straightening it it resembles a letter 'S'.

Bit of a strange thing to do, but I tend to hang my straighteners over the heated bar above the radiator and let them hang down because they are cheap ones and will scorch any surface I lay them on. Unfortunately I'm a doyle. Whilst I was pottering, the straighteners had rested on the hose part of our little Dyson and melted straight through it. I know what you're thinking...how didn't she smell it? Well at the moment, I don't have a sense of smell! Unlucky huh.

So I thought I'd bust the vacuum. Fortunately my mother had a great idea, and proceeded to wrap the hose in duct tape, mending it with practically no effort. What a legend. I need to learn to be a lot more careful in future and perhaps stop trying to multi-task.

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