24 Nov 2010

Size four feet, size five legs.

It's official. I hate my legs. Well I've hated them for a very long time but I'm quite lazy and so I don't know how I expect to have toned legs without putting the effort in. That's why recently I've been thinking of investing in this thing called 'Leg Magic' where you slide about on some little tracks and hopefully, after a while, your thighs don't chafe anymore. So that's my plan....when I read some reviews, save some money that isn't intended for the house fund and decide on a place to purchase one from. To be honest, I'd really love someone to tell me if it works because it'll save me upwards of £40.

However, my real beef is with knee high boots. Since the dawn of time they have been a depressing purchasing experience. Now I have seen those Duo Boots but I'm skint and can't afford to spend that sort of money on what would be great fitting boots. One day eh? Anyway, I digress....I recently won a Clarks voucher and finally got round to spending it the other day. Actually I'm hoping these boots arrive tomorrow! I was 'Christmas Shopping' which basically amounted to window shopping for myself. I realised whilst pressing my face against every window on the retail park that I don't own any flat, black boots despite the zillions of pairs of shoes and boots I do own. So that's how I ended up in Clarks, voucher burning a hole in my purse, when I happened upon these beauties.

They're clumpy enough to make me feel bad ass in the right outfit, they're smart enough to go with a normal skirt or dress. They really are perfect. But...what if my calves were too big? I held my breath not daring to hope that they might fit, but for practically the first time in my life, the boots fit perfectly everywhere!!! Normally they only fit if I buy a shoe size bigger than what I am (hence the title of this blog). They are so so comfy and are just perfect. So now I have to wait for them to be delivered to my home into my welcoming open arms. Thanks Clarks -  for the voucher and for creating these fabulous boots. At last I can be warm and steady on my feet this winter without having to worry about my too-big-for-my-feet legs.

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