19 Nov 2010

My new favourite past-time...

Today whilst at work, I gave my colleagues the gift of Urban Dictionary. Needless to say they loved it. I also shared with them a few of my favourites which range from the hilarious to the disturbing...

Don't believe me or just a little bit curious? Check out...
  • Pork Slap
  • Space Docking
  • Mung (Only for the seriously disturbed)
I told my colleagues that they now had one over on their kids as they could look up and dubious words that said children were using and understand the shocking nature of what they were probably saying. Secret weapon...yep...but also really good fun. If you're not looking for a specific word but you are looking for a hearty belly laugh then you could just press random until something appears that tickles your fancy!

I haven't had the time to have a really good look for ages so if you find some good ones, post the name underneath this post and I'll check it out. Enjoy!

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