2 Dec 2010


In my recent post about Julie and Julia I suppose I did a bit of a secret behind the scenes version instead of blogging about the journey and only had my goal achieved today. Maybe I'll be a retrospective version of Julie. What am I talking about I hear you cry? Well I'm about to explain.

Only 4 days into this year I won an amazing competition in association with Heat Radio (great radio station which plays current hits and really great 90's tunes.) Sadly my digital radio is broken and I can no longer listen to it but thats another story...So, this prize was a luxury trip to London - trains, transfers, a stay at The May Fair Hotel, a posh meal at Cocoon and lots of other lovely extras. I couldn't believe it!

Lets go back over for a minute and add an important sprinkle of history to this tale. Since I was little I've dabbled with competitions and been casually successful. So it was with this background and a bit of a buzz off the recent mega-win I set myself a challenge. Could I win at least one thing per month for the whole of 2010? Well today I managed it ladies and jellyspoons! The challenge clincher was a win on Mecca Bingo Online. The princely sum of £32.68 to be precise! I'll do a separate post listing these wins another day and point out my favourites. Until then I'll silently celebrate since it's already tomorrow and I don't want to wake everyone up.

Night xxx

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