3 Dec 2010

Reeed Reeed Wiiiiiine

I don't care much for any red wines I've ever tasted before but there's only one exception and I tell everyone I can about it. Best of all it's really affordable. To me, a lot of reds taste vinegary and actually end up making me feel sick but my ex's father used to get Mavrodaphne of Patras (I get it from Asda or Tesco) and one day I got some bollocks and gave it a try. It's like port but you can drink more of it. A really fruity, gorgeous yummyness. I don't claim to know anything about wine as you can tell, but I know what I like!

I recently visited a deli that's just opened up nearby and I've converted the owner. I was raving about it so much that she went out that evening and bought some! I might try and get some sort of commission per converts! Under a fiver a bottle...you cannot go wrong!

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