3 Dec 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

On Thursday night my family and I made a pilgramage through the arctic style blizzards to see White Christmas at Sunderland Empire. I had never seen White Christmas (the old school film from 1954) before so I didn't know what the story would be about or anything like that. I do however love all that old hollywood glamour and that was enough for me!

What I did know was who was starring - two fabulous leading fellas actually. One was Tom Chambers who you might know from Holby City or maybe Strictly Come Dancing. The other is Adam Cooper, star of Matthew Bourne's, 'Swan Lake' and he also starred in 'Billy Elliot'. The rest of the cast were unknown to me but obviously very talented indeed. Without ruining the story (and any additional surprises) for those of you who might be seeing the show next week, it was sensational! The costumes, singing, dancing and scenery were all superb. It translated really well onto stage (I know because I watched the film today to compare - geeeek). When we left, art imitated life and the snow was falling down on us all the way home! All in all, a great way to make me start to feel Christmassy! Roll on Christmas!!!

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