13 Dec 2010

X Factor - Matt Cardle ain't no poodle!

I watch X Factor every year and to be honest, I've never really had much of an opinion on the contestants as they are all more or less X Factor lemmings with no opinion. They're just really grateful of the opportunity that has been slung their way which I guess is fair enough, but it's a bit boring.

Then all that changed this series with newly crowned winner, Matt Cardle. This lad seems to have balls because I've never seen him dodge a question yet. He seems to try and put a fair spin on it but he still gets his actual opinion across which is rare for the army of 'yes people' that the media breed these days.

It's because of people like him and especially such people as Shaun Ryder et al that make TV much more interesting these days. I'd be terrified if I was a presenter, but for the viewing public, it's always certainly going to be T.V. GOLD!!!

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