6 Dec 2010

Have yourself a very frugal Christmas

As I've mentioned before, I'm saving up or a house so I'm having a frugal Christmas this year. That doesn't mean I'm skimping on thought or quality. It just means things might cost a bit less! So here are some ideas I'll be adopting this year.

  • Bake biscuits and/sweets and give them as gifts.
  • Cut up clothes that you don't want anymore and use them to make something patchwork or cut them into heart or flower shapes of different sizes and make brooches!
  • Make a scrap book of happy memories of your family or friends to give as a really thoughtful gift.
  • Buy a bog standard notebook and write in the nicest and funniest memories you have with that person. They can continue to add their own memories in the future and enjoy the ones you have reminded them of!
  • Any gifts you do buy, should be bought in plenty of time so you don't spend more when you're rushing at the end!

Any other skills you can bring to the party will vastly improve your chances of doing more with your money and your raw materials!

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