27 Sep 2010

Handy hints for life!

'Practical Self Sufficiency' (PSS for short) by Dick and James Strawbridge is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure of owning. "Why?" I hear you ask! Well, because it is perfect in it's simplicity and is a very inspirational read. In a nutshell, PSS explains loads of the skills you wanted someone to show you in order to make your life more sustainable and rewarding.

For many of the projects explained in this book, the things required to get the wheels in motion are things you would have 'kicking around' your house anyway. I was especially pleased by this as I normally feel short changed by books that require you to go and buy something obscure which you inevitably will never use again.For instance, something that can only be described as their natural version of Shake and Vac sounds simple but effective and only really required bicarbonate of soda and a couple of scenty bits.

There are plenty of projects I want to have a go at including some ideas that I think would make thoughtful home-made Christmas gifts - particularly the cheese and the chutneys. MMMMMmmmmmm. It's also ideal for times like these - making brillaint and inexpensive gifts in a recession without looking like you have skimped on anything!

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