17 Sep 2010

I'm in heaveeeen...

The boy done good. FACT. When it was my birthday last month, my fiance bought me a pamper voucher for a lovely beauty salon called Amethyst which you can find in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire.

I decided to go for a Karen Herzog chocolate facial and back massage and it was one of the most idyllic experiences of my life. 90 minutes of full on fuss (plus a heated bed and a quilt!) My beauty lady was awesome and explained every part of the treatments she was performing. She spoke when I was speaking to her but didn't jabber on when I was just enjoying the opportunity to relax and she made me feel very comfortable which I believe is important if you're going to be taking your kit off in front of a stranger. Let's be honest though, you're never going to be the best or the worst looking person they've ever seen so you may as well just enjoy yourself :)

I can thoroughly recommend the salon and the treatment. The salon is in a gorgeous place, and I will definitely hurry back next time I want a bit of a pamper. I want to try the rest of the gorgeous facials and massages they have to offer!

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