14 Sep 2010

Power mad.

Why, oh why do Tesco think it's OK to tell people which till to use?

Seriously, in the past week, I've heard from quite a few people that they can't be bothered shopping there anymore because of the hassle they get. For example, my Mam and Grandma were both shopping there this week and told me that they were queuing for a normal till when a Tesco person came over and asked my mam to use the self-service tills. This is not the first time this has happened. Now, the thing you should know about my mam is that she likes to receive service in shops (especially when shopping at the most expensive supermarket around and therefore paying for the pleasure) so she found this totally ludicrous. Especially as they make you scan your own clubcard and take your own receipt. Her other major hatred of this concept is that it renders the till staff useless and we don't really want to be making more people redundant in the current climate, do we?

Needless to say, she told the woman she would be doing no such thing and I think that more people should do the same! There are loads of ways we can complain whther that be through their little receipt questionnaire or to the people in store. It's just important that we do actually say something rather than just mutter under our breath or whinge to friends and family as that's no way to get things resolved. Join my mam and let Tesco know that enough is enough, their greed needs to stop here. The customers should not be doing peoples jobs for them!

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