15 Sep 2010

Kerastase Chronologiste - Truly a hair miracle!

As someone who has fairly dry hair, I was eager to try a product which promised to deliver what can only be described as a ‘hair miracle’. I must say, despite the £95 price tag, I was cynical, as I have tried many products over the years which have made similar claims but never quite lived up to them.

Kerastase Chronologiste is intended to be a treatment for not only your hair, but for your scalp too. It is designed to strengthen, hydrate and transform the hair and I’m pleased to say that is exactly what it does.

From the very start, Chronologiste lives up to it’s expensive price tag. The design of the packaging and product exudes luxury. The process of combining a creamy conditioner with minature pearls resembling silver coloured caviar, made the whole procedure feel more luxurious and the fresh fragrance even smells expensive!

I must say I was concerned that the amount of product I was instructed to mix would leave my hair greasy and lank, but the recommended amount was perfect for someone with long hair. However, I feel there would have been a bit of waste for users with shorter hair. After rinsing the product out after the required ten minutes, and blow drying as normal, my hair was soft, silky and touchable. There was no residue which I normally find other conditioners leave behind and even the ends of my hair which are usually dry and frizzy were smooth and glossy!

I would recommend this product to everyone. It’s easy to use, smells gorgeous and as a bonus there’s a generous amount of product which would last at least three uses which makes it just over £30 a use. I think it’s a bargain for the results and a lovely way to spoil yourself every now and again!

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