29 Jun 2011

Post 100 - a bit of sadness and random acts of kindness

How exciting. My 100th post! Today has been a real mixed bag. I'll sum it up in a 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' kinda way. Today is now named 'Two deaths, some bad news and some potential work'. Not quite as catchy and slightly misleading. But it has definately been a crazy day full of mixed emotions.

Not to dwell on the bad bits, it's also been quite a life-affirming day. I know you're probably thinking by now that I seem to be a bit deep-and-meaningful this past couple of days, but like I say when you first read my little bio, I just say what I'm thinking and a lot of that comes from the events of the day! Although I've been informed of two deaths and a friend/colleague has received some bad news about her husband, today has shown me that no matter how long you've known someone, you get to care about them really quickly. Especially in a small workplace. The lady from work is having a really tough time of late and we've all rallied around to take the pressure off. Some of her colleagues have known her many years and some (like me) have only known her a few months. What I'm actually taking an AGE to say is that it's really awesome to see people putting themselves out for someone, knowing that it will make that tough time a little less tough and knowing that that person would help them out when they're next in a fix. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to work with!

I'm really into random acts of kindness. Whether it be someone helping you to do something, someone surprising you with something they know you'll love, a stranger offering you something that makes even the slightest positive change to you or even someone saying 'bless you' in the street, these things make my world go round and I find them all equally important.

I'd love to know what the best, most random act of kind ness is that you've given or received. Or both? I'd LOVE to hear yours :)

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