24 Jun 2011


Last night I went to see Glee (the tour) and it was brilliant. I'd mentioned to someone at work I was going and they said they'd never seen Glee (the tv show) because they weren't into 'sunshine and rainbows'. I immediately corrected them. Okay, okay...it is a happy feel good show. But a lot of it is really dark, laugh-out-loud funny or deals with serious issues. The singing of massive pop hits and show tunes is actually a small part of the enjoyment.

I guess they had a point about the show though since it was back to back songs but Mr Chatter acocmpanied me and he's never been into the show. He wouldn't entertain spending an hour of his life watching it but somehow happily agreed to join me last night...hmmmm. If he likes it anyone will love it whether they admit it or not. I was also buzzing about breathing the same air as the real cast from one of my favourite shows. Thanks to my dad for a great Christmas prezzy :D

The tour is happening now. If you fancy a good night out where you'll be hoarse from singing and  your face will ache afterwards from all the smiling, you can't go far wrong with getting tickets for a date on this tour.

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