28 Jun 2011

An amazing moment

This week at work has been life changing for me. That is because this week, I got to give someone some great news. The detail to this story is minimal due to patient confidentiality but I'd chased up some results for someone and the individual got to find out she didn't have cancer. Understandably, she was overjoyed and it was the most rewarding moment of my time working there so far. Just to hear how happy and relieved she was will stay with me forever.

Up until then I'd had a fairly average week with a few hiccups thrown in from Chez Chatter, just for good measure. The situation the patient was in really put things into perspective for me. Recently I've loved a good whinge about little things going wrong in our 'refurbishment' and although they've been testing times and set us back a bit (in patience, time and money) I realised that these things that I've been worrying about really do pale into insignificance in comparison to the waiting and worrying this lady has had to do.

Hopefully I won't let this lesson go to waste in the future. It really is so important to remember how sometimes, you are much luckier than you realise.

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