16 Oct 2010


Yesterday I went to the Metro Centre, Gateshead. I was on a Christmas shopping mission so no spare funds for personal treats. Like in many shopping centres, there were plenty of barrow style stalls selling mineral make up, phone accessories etc. A chap on one of these barrows approached me and started trying to sell me a nail buffer. I love nail things but having no spare cash I decided to listen out of manners.

'Prepare to be amazed' he told me as he explained about the different sides and the qualities they possessed...cynically I thought it would be garbage but I am holding my hands up. I was 100% mistaken. The first side got rid of ridges, the second side did something else and the third side was made of silk which is the side that did the business! My nail was so shiny its looked as though it could have had clear nail varnish on! I can't even remember what name it was retailing under so I may have to do a bit of detective work!

I'm now desperate to have one. Please, someone?

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