22 Oct 2010

I'm a Bad Gal!

For the past 3 years I've been religiously using Benefit's 'Bad gal lash' Mascara. I've had the Black, Blue and Plum variations (still need to try the Brown) and have been pretty impressed with them all. In fact I love everything  I've ever tried by Benefit.

I think it all starts with the packaging. It's all really well designed - pretty, kitsch, just totally gorgeous. Sometimes products can be style over substance but Benefit are just as good as they first appear.

I'm currently using the Plum one which suits my green/brown eyes well and picks out the green colour more than other colour mascaras. The only fault I have found with it is that sometimes it smudges onto just below my eye which I didn't find happened with the other colours. My favourite so far has been the Bad Gal Blue Mascara which brightens your eyes up so you can look really fresh even if you're not feeling like it.

It's not one of those tacky blue colours that you see chavs wearing either as it's only really obviously blue in the sun. Even then it's a classy, subtle blue. I really would recommend it to anyone no matter what colouring. It's a great all rounder and comes in at only £15.50 in most shops/websites.

I'm looking forward to trying more Benefit products very soon!

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