21 Oct 2010

Illamasqua Stalker

Hi, I'm Tilly and I'm an Illamasqua stalker.

I would like to say an addict, and in ways I think that's probably true but it's purely been an affair of the mind which can be just as dangerous and exciting as a physical love affair. Recently two friends of mine showed me some recent additions to their make up bags and every piece was Illamasqua. The packaging is exquisite, really alluring and sort of like the make up packaging version of a low cut top, enough to keep 'em wanting more! And that's before you get to the product itself! I've admired it from afar in Fenwicks but have not yet taken the plunge for reasons I will explain.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that unless times are very hard and money is tight (yes and yes) I cannot resist trying new makeup products. Unfortunately for me, I'm saving very hard indeed so right now there's no spare cash for things I don't 'need'. Now I think this is matter of opinion. I do need Illamasqua. Not even just want, it's become almost a basic human right so why have I been left out of the club? Moolah is the obstacle between myself and the most stunning make up I've ever seen. ouch. Painful but true. So the plan is to do as much research as I can so that when I can afford to buy at least one piece (please God, let me afford more) then I have an informed choice planned.I have dark hair and really quite pale skin as some of you might have noticed from a pic in an old blog post, and I think a great statement blusher or eye colour would be the order of the day or maybe the year.

What would you recommend ladies and gents?

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