7 Nov 2012

Waste not, want not.

With the Mr back home and then away just as quickly as he appeared, there's often food open to feed two people that only needs to feed one. A lot of the time I'm left with a half loaf of bread and eating bread as much as is reasonably possible won't use it up in time before it dries out.

Only today have I realised I can use them (whatever the amount and freeze them in smallish amounts) to defrost whenever I fancy. Breadcrumbs is the latest mission and they can be used for sweet and savoury dishes alike. My plan is to blitz the bread once it gets a bit too dry for sandwiches and perhaps bag it in the required quantities for treacle tart or have a bag to coat chicken beasts in for some recipes I want to try. You can mix in herbs etc at a later date when you have a better idea about what you want them for!

So next time you're in a grump like me about the possibility of wasting bread, consider this as a suitable solution :)

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