15 Nov 2012

How much is too much?

Recently work has been pretty testing. I'm sure everyone has been or might even be in this position now. This last week has really pushed me to my limits because it's not only the customers that have been unfair (and frankly abusive) and this is where the line has been crossed.

Being a team can get you through anything really and I refer to that in terms of relationships, friendships and working relationships. We have a great team and I love each and every one of those girls. We work SO hard and support each other if a difficult situation arises but today the boss must have had a bit more of a difficult day than usual and went crazy...on US. Our morale was pretty low anyways with the volume of work we had to cope with and staff already off sick.

We were all pretty upset with different pressures at work but this was the straw that broke the camels back and now I feel like we're rotting from the inside too. Fortunately there's an existing meeting set up so who knows what will be said then. The only thing I know is that there are a lot of unresolved issues to be dealt with. If they're not dealt with I think people are going to want to leave. Update soon

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