8 Nov 2012

Mindy The Micra

Mindy was the name of my first car. A Ribena coloured, N-Reg, Nissan Micra to be exact and I loved her. She came into my life as a surprise 18th Birthday present and was parked proudly on the grass verge outside of my parents house with a big bow on the aerial. My poor mother had got out of bed at the crack of dawn to go round to my Grandma's house where Mindy was hidden in the garage and driven her round to be hidden behind our hedge, out of sight. I opened my presents and the last two gifts were small jewellery boxes. One was a pretty necklace, the other, a car key!!! I'm not a particularly sporty person by reputation but I reckon I nearly broke the land-speed record that day running out of the house.

My friend had a white Micra called Mitch and our next few years were spent being willing designated drivers for anyone who needed a lift anywhere really. My love affair with Mindy ended in a fluke accident. Maybe accident is the wrong word but when your car breaks down as you're driving to a night out in darkest, coldest January 2004 and you're wearing a strappy top (and not a great deal more) you can fall out of love pretty quickly. In some strange and unlucky twist of fate, some debris from the road had flicked into my car somehow and the vibration of all the inner workings of the car had caused the debris to drill a crack into my radiator causing the fluid to leak out and for me to break down on the busy bend of a slip road in rush hour. After a traumatic hour road-side and a lovely AA man towing me back home, Mindy got repaired but our relationship had lost the most important factor in any relationship...TRUST. Mindy soon got exchanged for a Smart car (called Starsky) and I'm not entirely convinced she'll still be around today. RIP Mindy.

Despite the sad ending to our partnership, Mindy will always be my first love (in car terms anyway) and saw lots of good (and plenty of emotional) times that I'll treasure forever.

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