21 Nov 2012

First time for everything!

Today we had a meeting at work and for the first time ever I said everything I wanted to say and fought my bosses on every criticism they had of our team. We all really stood our ground on matters and I feel like we really gave our boss something to think about.

Although I'm not sure things got resolved as much as they should have done, I feel better for getting it all off my chest, after all, you can't really get upset about things if you're not prepared to try and change it!


  1. Good for you !
    Better out than in....my mum always taught me that.
    Some may not want/like to hear whats on your mind but in the long run, saying what you feel and maybe clearing the air??? leaves less room for resentment bad feeling and hostility.

  2. Thanks! I do feel better for being honest. At least now I know that I've said what I want to say and I've made an effort to get these things changed and that the only obstacle now is the boss saying no to these things!