21 Jan 2012

I love Lighting

Ever since we moved into our lovely little home, I have loved choosing bits and bobs to give it character and put our stamp on it. One of my favourite bits to pick has been the lighting - lamps and lampshades and fairy lights (oh my).

Some of the things I've fancied have been bought and look amazing in their chosen places. Others have proven too expensive for me right now and some have not met with Mr Chatter's approval so I'm going to work on him whilst saving up the pennies.

Whilst I do so, here's some examples of my current favourites.

The Emily Saloon Chandelier

Image taken from www.furnish.co.uk

Jeeves and Wooster Pendant Lights

Image taken from www.furnish.co.uk

Tea Pot Lights

Image taken from www.design-milk.com


  1. Great selection of lighting !
    Are these items an insight into your quirky nature...... the bowler hats are my fav :))

  2. aw me too Christine. I wanted them for the two lights in our dining room but they're too dear for me right now. £300 is a lot at any point but espesh when we've just bought this place. Plenty of time tho... :D

    Any yes, I do love quirky, kitsch things. So much so that Mr Chatter asked me if every room had to have something crazy in haha.