15 Jan 2012

Wedding decisions and awkward times

I've hit my first controversial point when planning my wedding. Do we or don't we invite children?

On paper it seems quite straightforward. Neither myself or Mr Chatter have children or young family members and only know a handful of couples that currently have kids so should it matter if we don't invite them? Well it kinda does it seems as there has already been some indication of pouty pet lips and they are belonging to the parents!

A couple of years ago I was at a wedding where the children cried all through the vows and had to be constantly entertained. Apart from the fact the parents looked run ragged, the children mere mindlessly bored and suddenly the couple getting married become caught up in trying to book balloon artists etc etc. It also irritated the other guests having screaming children legging it about all day. However, I have also been to weddings where the children have been very well behaved but all in all parents and young children alike seem relieved by a no kids rule. One couple we know actually looked forward to it as one day off to be just a twosome again before going back to their lovely family life before they missed their kiddies too much.

In all the excitement when I was telling people we'd set a date, I didn't think about telling people about our decision so I'm nervous for the response to the email I've sent the lucky couples only five minutes ago. Uh oh. I can feel a nervous nights sleep coming on...

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  1. Do whatever makes you and Mr Randomchatter happy after all its your special day ! xx