17 Jan 2012

Pantene Pro V - the collection.

Over the past few weeks I've been road-testing some products for Pantene in the form of their new collection. Rather than have a one-fits-all policy, Pantene have thought up a collection of three different types of products to suit the most common hair needs. After all, something that is good for coloured hair isn't necessarily going to work for someone with fine, never dyed hair etc etc.
I have quite dry, coarse hair that splits quite easily, especially because I use heated things on it quite a lot to tame it into a proper style. The Pantene formula I tested aims and claims to"smooth rough edges and prevent damage" so I was eager to see if it would in fact do those things.

A little known secret of mine (until now I guess) is that I haven't had my hair cut for about 4 months so the ends were starting to get a bit urgh. I was hoping that these Pantene products would help me limp along and keep my hair looking pretty until the next time I could afford a hair cut!

I loved the shampoo and conditioner from the first use. They smelt really nice and you didn't need a lot to give your hair a right good lathering and conditioning. As for the Split End Serum, I tried that on a separate hair wash so I could see the results of the shampoo and conditioner and the serum independent of one another. They all have their own genuine qualities and don't weigh down your hair. I found with these products I could go three days without having greasy, lank looking hair which other products have caused me to have in the past after just one day so I must say I was very pleased with that. I even got told at work the other day that my hair was extremely glossy and healthy looking and the lady was shocked when I mentioned how long it'd had been since my hair had been done. I already had a Pantene leave in conditioner and found that on those occasions where you don't have time to shampoo and condition your hair properly on a morning, their existing products went together really well with their new ones. So don't worry ladies and gents, your money hasn't been wasted on the others!

Do I have to find a negative? OK, the only negative I can scrape the barrel with is that when you share a house with two boys, they use far too much shampoo (and shower gel and face wash...) and the fact that the shampoo is quite thick means they use more than they should. In my experience, men will just squeeze a load of *insert bathroom product here* no matter how much you are actually meant to use.

In Conclusion: Thumbs up to Pantene for a collection of great products, thumbs down for me for being so lazy about getting my hair cut!

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